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What is a C wire?

The C wire is another name for the Common wire. There is no universal color used to designate this type of wire. It is simply a wire that originates from your heating/cooling system and needs to be connected to the C terminal on your Lyric, Wi-Fi or connected thermostat. The purpose of the C wire is to provide constant 24-volt power to the thermostat.

What options do I have if I don't have the “C” or common wire?

The "C" wire or Common wire is only required to provide 24-volt power to your Honeywell connected or Wi-Fi thermostat. If the original thermostat did not have a C wire or common wire installed and you need one to power your Wi-Fi or connected thermostat and look for an unused wire in the wall. If you find one, trace the wires to where they end at the heating or cooling equipment terminal and connect wire to the C or common terminal. If you would like help with setup, please reference our Contact A Pro page to find an HVAC service professional in your area.

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